Halloween Costumes; Quick, Easy and Spooky

Happy-HalloweenHalloween weekend is just around to corner, this weekend actually, and knowing college student, we wait until the last minute for everything. You might be one of those people who plan out what they are going to be months before hand, but for some of us, we have no costume, and no idea.

Thankfully, the Halloween God’s have helped us out year in and year out, by creating simple and cheap costumes, that look awesome. Girls and guys alike both have some easy go-to costumes, that only require one run to a local store.

This spooky day is a chance for everyone to dress the way they want to, and like the way they look. It is the one day a year that everyone can be someone they are not, but college students are lucky, because this day lasts all weekend. The struggle is finding a cheap costume for each day, without looking…Well, you know, cheap.

For girls, Halloween should be a breeze. It gives us the opportunity to play around a little bit, with many different directions in the costume world. If you are stuck for a last minute costume, here are some clutch ideas:

Free-shipping-COSPLAY-font-b-bear-b-font-dog-mickey-mouse-frog-leopard-costume-Animal-font1. The typical animal. Yes, of course this has to be number one, for many obvious reasons. When in doubt, girls jump right to the sexy animal look for Halloween. It is super easy, and there is quite the variety. Cat ears, bunny ears, mouse ears, cheetah ears, the list can go on and on. Pair those ears with a cute dress, or skirt and you are guaranteed a cute Halloween costume.

2. A pirate. Rrrrr, a pirate gets a little more creative in the costume world, but is a quick and easy way to secure the cute costume spot. All you need is a red bandana, a black skirt and a cute white top, and of course an eye patch and voila! A pirate in the making. Maybe check out the store to find a hook for your hand, or even a toy parrot to carry around, but those items are totally just for fun. It is a cute way to spice up the night a little bit, and you get to say ” Rrrrr” all night long!

Photo from Mean Girls (2004)

Photos from Mean Girls (2004)

3. The “Mean Girls” look. Hopefully, everyone knows what I am talking about here. Part of Regina George’s sabotage was cutting holes in her tank top, showing right through to her colorful bra. This is a super easy costume for all you girls out there, because all it requires is a white tank top, a colorful undershirt, or bra if that is what you want, and a skirt. Three very basic items, that you probably have around the house. It is funny, cute and cheap! Add some black heels and you are all set to look like Regina George.

4. Feeling hip? Be a hippie. This costume is super easy, and usually turns out super cute if you do it the right way. Take a plain white t-shirt, and look up ideas to cut the shirt into different ways that look “hippish.” I was a hippie one year, and all I did was cut fringes into the bottom of my shirt, and made it so it was over the shoulder. If you have time you can also tie-dye the shirt as well. Put a headband around your forehead, and smack some red lipstick on, and you are bound to be the best last minute hippie on campus.

If you don’t completely wreck the t-shirt you are wearing, you can use it again in a tribal outfit, just adding a feather and some braids in your hair. It is killing two birds with one stone.

For guys, things may be simpler, but could also be a little more difficult. You aren’t looking for the “dress to impress” kind of thing but more along the lines of comfortable, and awesome. Here are some ideas I have for you, to make your Halloween costume a hit.

images1. Smarty Pants. Yes, I said it. I saw this Halloween costume on one of my friends, and thought it was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. All you need is a black t-shirt, some nerdy glasses, jeans and the candy Smarties. Tape the Smarties onto your pants, and there you have it: Smarty Pants. It’s funny, and you’ll be a hit at the parties, because everyone will be going up to you for obvious reasons.

2. A nerd. Take those nerdy glasses, and match them up with one of your dress shirts, khakis and some suspenders, and you’ll be the best looking nerd on campus. The nerd look is easily a favorite, and it takes little to no time at all to put together. Put some tape in the middle of the glasses for a more in depth nerd effect, and it is as simple as that.

3. A zombie. This is always a typical guy costume for Halloween because it is so easy and diverse. You can be a number of different zombies, such as a zombie athlete. All you need is some red face paint, and a white t-shirt, and you are set. Throw in a mask if you are feeling crazy, but it really doesn’t require one. Throw on a sports jersey for the zombie athlete and there you have it.

Even if you do not want the zombie look, an athlete is always a go to costume. Most of you guys own a jersey to your favorite sports team. Go out and say you are Tom Brady and I’m sure everyone will believe it.

slide_260024_1696834_free4. Error 404: Halloween Costume Not Found man. This is a funny one. If you are really not about the Halloween costume thing, but still want to be in the spirit, take a plain white t-shirt, and Sharpie marker and write “Error: Halloween Costume Not Found” on the front of the shirt and you are bound to have some people laughing. It is easy, and if you use a washable marker, you can even wear the shirt again.

If you are still in need of a Halloween costume, Pinterest has 100’s of Do It Yourself ideas that will take no time or money at all.

And there you have is party people, the easy and affordable Halloween costume. The holiday is about having fun, making memories, and eating a lot of candy, so Keep Calm and Be Spooky. Happy Halloween, everyone!


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