14 New Year’s Resolutions for 2014

Heading back from break can be tough, especially if this is your first time in the rodeo. The holiday season rekindles memories from back home, with friends and family around you 24/7. NYC_NYE1

New Year’s resolutions are a fun thing to come up with, but how many of us actually stick to these goals?

For me, I think of resolutions as fake promises to yourself, because in reality, who is going to go to the gym seven days a week, or eat healthy, or change your entire personality for the sake of a new year? Don’t you think you would have done all this last year too?

Well, since I’ve come up with that mission, I have thought of resolutions that are easily adjustable into everyday life, and are kind of fun to conquer. They aren’t lose 25 pounds, or eat less junk food, because I know, at least for myself, that the chocolate is never leaving my life, especially for 2014.

So here they are, my extra fun New Year’s “resolutions“:

1. Focus on yourself a little more. This is the year to take some “me” time and be happy. Focusing on yourself does not mean shutting the world around you out, but instead making sure you are your own top priority instead of being pushed and pulled by the opinions of other. Take an hour a day to really self reflect and I promise you will realize how much of a great person you are.

2. Make a new friend. This is not that hard, and does not take much effort. Being social and learning things about someone else will make you an all around happier person, because in life, the more the merrier. This person doesn’t have to be your best friend, but go get some coffee and learn something new. You may even have a lot in common with that person.

3. Go on an adventure. This does not have to be anything wild, yet it does not have to be anything simple. Go on a hike, take a road trip, or even a big city, but do something notable and create memories. Adventuring is a time where you can let go of the everyday life you live and just relax. It is stress-free, especially during the times where you are stressed out.

4. Keep a journal. If you are like me, you may already have one, or two. Having a journal is something that has always helped me through good times and bad. It is a place where you can write down how your day went or even one of your deepest secrets. A journal can be public, or stay private forever. It is a chance for you to be able to look back on memories you’ve made throughout the year and see the growth you’ve made as a person.

5. Explore a new religion. I have never been a truly religious person, but lately I have let my mind wonder and have learned many things along the way. Explore the cultures of others, while trying to better yourself. If that is not your thing, not to worry, explore your happiness in ways you never have before.

6. Let love find you. In college, we are all looking to find that special someone. If you have been waiting, for what feels like forever, don’t worry about it. Love is a rare thing, and for the relationship you are trying to find, don’t forget that patience is a virtue. Don’t go out looking for that person to sweep you off your feet; stand grounded and let the cards play correctly, and just be happy.

7. Don’t let working out take over your life. Like I have said, everyone puts down “Work out more” for a New Year’s resolution. That is fine but don’t let that control your life. Working out is a good thing to do, no matter what time it is. If you are fearing that extra weight from after the holidays, just eat right for the remainder of the break, maybe do a little jogging and get back to the gym when you return to school. Don’t go crazy, just do what you can without it taking over your life.

8. Learn something new. With a new year, you are able to start fresh, and that means taking on something foreign to your life. For me, I have always wanted to learn how to DJ, but have never gotten around to it. For others it can vary from learning how to swim, to baking a cake. A new year gives us the opportunity to add onto the skills we’ve taken from the past and jump into the future.

9. Turn off your phone at the dinner table or when hanging out with friends. Recognize that time spent with people you care about is a blessing and it should not be taken up by being on your phone the whole time. Save that for later.

10. Eat the last piece of cake. Don’t be shy to eating desserts, because desserts are what make people happy. Don’t avoid your favorite cheesecake in the dining hall, when you know they only make it on Wednesday. Go in, and eat that cheesecake.

11. Embrace your emotions. Cry when you are sad or happy. Laugh when you are happy or sad. Whatever emotions you are feeling, don’t try and hide them. Life is good, you just need to always know that.

12. Stop judging people based on rumors and the way they look. This will get you no where, and that is a promise. Everyone is beautiful in their own way, and it the people who constantly make fun of others that are breaking down people’s self confidence. It is ridiculous. Believe everyone is beautiful, and all will be good.

13. Treat yourself to nice things. If that means an iced coffee after class or a new Alex and Ani bracelet, don’t be afraid to spend money. I’m not saying this should be an everyday occurrence, because at the end of the day we are college students, but once in a while doesn’t hurt. Reward yourself the way you should be, and this will lead to a happy year.

14. What is for you will not pass you. You life was given to you for a reason, so show what that reason is. Everyday we are granted things that we aren’t necessarily sure we deserve, but if something is meant to be, it will happen. I promise. I learned that the hard way, but eventually you realize everything in your life has a place, and to forget the things that don’t.

Happy New Year, everyone and don’t forget to Keep Calm and College On all year long.


Staying Lean and Mean Over Winter Break

armsCollege is all about routines. My routine includes a lot of eating and a lot of gym time, in turn, giving me awesome results. For those of you out there with a similar routine, going home for break can be scary. Sure we want to go home, stuff our faces and skip our workouts but where would that get us. I am not a fan of change. I like my routine and what it brings, so when I go home I have to change things up. Here are some tips for keeping your fitness a priority over break.

1) Write out a routine: If you write out a routine, you’ll be more prone to following it. If you go in blindly to any situation your results wont be good. I’m not saying you have to adhere to a strict regimen, but make sure you outline some basics; How many days a week, Your split, so on so forth. Click here to see a post I wrote about making your own routine.

2) Circuit training: If you want to be in the gym less but still get good results, you need to maximize your efficiency inside the gym. Pick a few exercises, body weight ones work too, and string them together so you perform them non-stop. Make it a full body attack and you will have just successfully burned a ton of calories

3) Eat out less: Obviously you are going to be tempted to eat out all the time with friends: don’t. Going out here and there wont kill you but try to cook a lot of your own meals so you know exactly what will go in them. If you do go out more often, try ordering off of the “light” menu ad remember always go for high protein and lower carb meals.

4) Don’t stress: Yes you want to stay on track with your training and eating, but not everything always works out. If you slack off a little who cares. We are all humans and humans make mistakes. In turn, a few days off can actually lead to you being stronger in the gym.

Are You In For The Winter BREAK?

You’re headed home for the holidays; it is time for your family, friends and of course partying.

New Years is the time for new beginnings, but what about that fling back at school?

Remember that? holdinghandsblog

All semester, you’ve been getting close to that special someone, but don’t know what you’ll do with the month apart.

You aren’t to the level of even thinking about going to visit him or her, but you also aren’t willing to let go.

So, where do you stand? Do you think with a month off, everything will be back to normal when you get back to school?

If that is what you want, do not be shy, but instead focus on the prize. Winter break will fly by with a little motivation.

Being away from someone you like can be tough, especially if things just got going. It can be tricky with distractions from home, but don’t let that get in the way.

With this last week on campus, make sure things are secure with that certain someone through dining hall dates and hanging out after class.

If things seem solid, than kiss those home town dates goodbye because things are looking A- OK.

And there is the typical Friends video relating to all of our lives.

This means some contact over the break, which will also see if you have what it takes to be away from someone you’ve been crushing on for quite some time.

longdistanceIf things are going well, expect to get back to school with some new years resolution and of course open arms, but if the long distance thing is just not showing you anything exciting, maybe you need to wait it out a little and see where time can take you.

So enjoy the time you have home, you deserve it. Don’t think about what could, should or would be when you get back. Take one step at a time and Keep Calm and College On.

Finals Week Tips To Success

collegeexamsIt is that time of year again; Late nights in the library, five coffee runs a day, countless amount of essays and projects due. That’s right, it is finals week.

Every college may have different weeks of misery, but this is usually the time where we are thinking of one thing, Winter Break.

You may be swamped in different things, such as studying for that Chemistry final or the five page paper due in three days, but here are a few tips to acing the week, and getting home as soon as possible.

1. The library is your friend. Use this stuffy, dark place as a guide to help you stay on track and focus on what you need to get done. Stay on the “quiet floor” for little interruptions, and your paper will be done in no time.

coffee2. Coffee, coffee and more coffee. Or caffeine. Any way you put it, caffeine is a much needed source when drowning in final exams. Yes, you may be up all night, but isn’t that the point? Caffeine will help you stay on task, and awake during those 100 question multiple choice exam. Trust me, I drink about five cups of coffee a day during this time. It is needed to keep me sane.

3. Don’t let the party scene fool you. Yes, it is okay for you to get distracted once in a while during the exam period, but just know it is very hard to get started in the morning after a night out on the town. The morning after partying can concur to laziness and throw you off track for studying and getting those good grade. I’m not saying to be a dud when the final exams come around, just have a strong balance of what is important, and what can wait until the entire month off from school.

4. Take some time to yourself and relax. Have you been studying for hours in the small quiet room in the library? After completing seven pages out of your 10 page research paper, you deserve a nice hot chocolate, a some time to relax, because it is almost over. Take a half hour to an hour for some ” you time” and give yourself some time to refresh before jumping to the next task. It is not healthy to just sit and type or read notes for hours at a time. Break it up.

Finals are almost completed, and the time to sit back with family and friends at home is just around the corner. Push through the stressful times, and know it will all be worth it in the end. Even though you are stressed and running around like crazy, don’t forget to Keep Calm and College On.

Do You Have The Registration Blues?

It is that time of year again: Registration. A word every college students despises. index5478

Registration time
is full of stress, panic and chaos, all in a matter of one week. This time causes meltdowns, tragedy, and almost all students can admit, they cannot wait for this to end.

For me, this week is running around, trying to squeeze in my adviser meeting, all to get my classes situated before the big day. This then entails the “double- checking” of all classes, to see if your course are still available. When they aren’t, that brings time to freak out even more.

With a few helpful tips, the registration blues will not occur, and stress will fly away.

Making an adviser meeting as early as possible is one way to relieve a little pre-registration stress. This meeting will help you get those classes in check, without having the panic attack of what to take. Usually, you should go in with an idea of what you would like, and your adviser will do the rest. It is magic!Try finding a time that suits your schedule, and give it some time in your planner. Rushing an adviser meeting will just lead to disaster, and like I have said, there is no room for that.

After figuring out your classes with your adviser, draft up a schedule so there are no overlaps in time. Nothing causes stress like realizing you want to take four classes at 10 a.m., and that it not needed. Printing out a time block sheet will make your plans a little more organized, and you will be able to visually see the progression in your schedule.

A few days before registering, go on your student profile and check the availability for all of your classes. Making a schedule is the easy part, but actually being able to get in the classes is the hard part. When checking for the classes, keep in mind the date and time of your registration period, making you sure you have a chance of getting into the select classes. It would be a complete bummer if you finally got to the day, and a majority of the classes you wanted to take were all filled. Been there, done that. I learned that checking the few nights leading up to the day was a smart decision, and I never made that mistake again.tm

Lastly, wake up on time for your registration date, and pray for a smooth and relaxed registration period. Sometimes, college’s networks can be too overloaded and crash right on the spot. If things go as planned, all you need to do is wake up, plug in the section codes and go back to bed. It is as easy as that. Follow these tips, and your registration will be a breeze. Don’t forget to Panic Now and Freak Out.

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How to Budget your Supplements in College

Funny-Protein-Powder3For any guy or girl in college who takes fitness even somewhat seriously, supplements are probably part of your arsenal. I am a supplement advocate myself, and think that they can benefit you if used properly. What is the downside to supplements? The cost. Supplements are not cheap and considering most students are on a budget, you have to be smart. So here are some tips to get the most out of your supplements without breaking the bank.

1) Buy In bulk: Although buying in bulk is expensive up front, it will save you a lot of money in the long run. The cost of a serving for one scoop of Optimum Nutrition’s protein (2lbs) is $0.97, The cost of serving for a 10lbs bag is $0.72.

2) Look for deals: Bodybuilding.com constantly has deals on some really good brands. Keep an eye out and make sure to take advantage of these deals when they last.

3) Cut the servings in half: This is a total desperation move, but I’ve been there. If you know you’re aren’t going to be able to renew your stack then you have to make them last. If you use pre-workout, try using it only twice a week. This will save you money and will help prevent you from becoming too used to them.

4) Find alternatives to pre-workout supplements: Pre-workouts seem to be a staple for college students. All those late nights and busy schedules is the perfect excuse to down some liquid energy but as awesome as PWO’s are, they’re expensive, A cup of black coffee usually does the trick, but just in case you’re a more experienced PWO user try Hyphy Mud (click to see the recipe).

5) Buy only what you need: As tempting as it can be to buy all the new products, don’t. Vitamins, Protein and maybe some pre-workout is all you need. I’m not saying that other supplements don’t have great benefits, but if you’re trying to save then buy the bare necessities.

Time Management in a Nutshell: How To Tame Your Crazy Schedule

tmIt is midway through the semester, and you may be struggling to survive the weeks leading up to winter break. Juggling classwork, homework, extracurricular activities, along with some “you” time, may seem nearly impossible.

I feel like I am always telling myself there is not enough time in the day, for the amount of things I need to get done, and to a point, it is 100% true. I wake up, go to class, realize I haven’t been in my own room in nine hours, and then go on to my next event. With how busy us college students are, it is crazy how we lose track of time so easily.

Time management is one of the trickiest things to master. It may seem like the world is crashing down, when everything is due in one week, but luckily, time management can be easy, if you are doing it right.

Keeping a daily planner is one easy way to keep up with the pace of your crazy life. Having a planner that lists out each day, leaving a spot to write out every event you have will make it easier to visualize what you have going on. I would not be able to survive without one, due to my busy schedule. It is nice to be able to plan ahead, and figure out what fits where, and when you have time to just hang out, instead of running around. Knowing what you have going on ahead of time is key to every successful college student. Cross scheduling and overbooking yourself to different activities is so common here at college, and when it happens, it stinks. Just write everything out in your handy planner, and your life will be as organized as it can get, really. Finding cheap planner that fits into your budget can be found in Target or Walmart. Finding one with a lot of space, and maybe even an inspirational quote can really make your day, while managing your time.
BYhZ4peIMAA7FSu.jpg large

I am addicted to having a planner, but one thing that also helps me out for managing my time is just writing a “to-do” list. I makes me prioritize the things I have to do, and also helps me get a lot of things done. If I write a list in the morning, chances are I get almost everything done, and maybe even more. I lose track of the things I have due, which is usually a problem, but when there is a list involved, I am able to realize that I need to get things done in a matter of a few days.

Another tip for time management is seeing out your free time, and taking extreme use of it. You want to be able to get a full nights sleep, and of course wake up on time for class in the morning, most like at 9 a.m. It is not healthy, nor possible to stay on task if you are up until three in the morning doing homework. If you see that you have a two hour gap in the middle of the day, use it to get things done, a long with getting some homework done. Being up, with full energy, can be a lot more productive than trying to rush your work in order to go to sleep. Find some time, do that homework and I promise, your life will be so much easier.

Allowing flexibility is also a huge key in managing your time. Yes, you may have a schedule that has a list of tasks to do, but some things do pop up, therefor a change in plan occurs. Leave some room in that planner, just in case your friend calls you up, forgetting you had a group project due in three days. It happens to the best of us, which is why there should be some extra room in that schedule of yours.

Being able to multi-task can also be a huge plus in your time management. You should try using it to your advantage because it will help tremendously. If you are eatinimagesbusyg lunch, whip out that Biology text book and read a few chapters before class. If you have an on-campus job that allows you to have a break, eat lunch then, giving you time to study later. It all adds up in the end, but being able to condense your agenda may help the total outcome.

The last thing that will help your time management plan be successful is just rewarding yourself. At the end of the day, if you have accomplished everything from your team’s championship game, to that midterm paper, get yourself a snack and watch your favorite show on TV.

College is not about running around 24/7. It is about managing your time, in order for a successful college career. It may seem tough, especially when everything is coming at you at once, but with the skills to manage your time wisely, your college life will be made so much easier, by you, for you. So, get ready for a busy four years, and Keep Calm and College On.

Eating Right In College: It’s Not That Hard

Oh man, My first ever post for “Keep Calm and College On.” I’m really pumped to help spread my knowledge to you all…so here goes nothing.

diet 1

Everyone has different goals; whether it is getting a sculpted body or just living healthier. No matter what that goal is though, diet is always the biggest contributing factor…always.

College is a busy time, especially when you’re just starting out. There’s homework, classes, parties, etc. All of this makes us frazzled and busy, which can aid in us overlooking the way we eat. My first year of college I ballooned up to 200lbs! I ate whatever I wanted…all the time. Don’t let this be you. Follow these easy tips to staying on track and eating right at College.

1) Go lean: Lean proteins such as turkey, chicken and pork (without a lot of fat) are loaded with vitamins and will help fuel you without copious fat gains.

2) Get fat: This definetley contradicts my last tip…but hear me out. Fat is a key nutrient for your body to take in. Fat helps to regulate your hormones and can be used as a main fuel source throughout the day. Stick to healthier fats such as eggs (yes eat the darn yolk!), nuts, nut butters and avocados. Also, If you’re a guy (or girl) looking to add some muscle, having some fats before you go to bed will keep your calories high and keep your body metabolizing over night.

Don't listen to Willy...I love diet soda.

Don’t listen to Willy…I love diet soda.

3) Invest in Tupperware: This one is for those students who are a little more serious about their fitness goals. When you eat 5-7 meals a day, 2-3 meals at your dining hall isn’t going to cut it. To avoid spending a load of money on extra food, invest in some solid Tupperware and be that guy/girl who takes a little extra from your dining hall. Let’s be honest, when you’re paying $50,000 plus in tuition a year, is it really stealing?

4) Make the calories count: As tempted as some of us may be to load up on a plate of spinach, and throw a piece of chicken on top and call it a meal, don’t. You’re a busy hardworking college student, so you need energy! Eat plenty of complex carbs like oatmeal, brown rice (white is fine), whole grain breads, veggies and fruits. Make sure you get those fats we talked about in too, peanut butter sandwiches are great. This isn’t a free pass to eat whatever you want, but don’t deprive yourself.

5) Drop the word “diet:” “Diet” is a bad word in my opinion. They way you eat should be a lifestyle, not a diet. It’s OK to have a few slices of pizza, or a brownie here and there. As long as you are smart most of the time with how you eat you will be fine!

For more in-depth tips on fitness and bodybuilding check out my blog here: http://bodybuildingfitnessfreak.wordpress.com/

Fitness Freak Bringing Tips to Keep Calm and College On

Keep Calm and College on is lucky to now be working with the Fitness Freak himself, Andrew Gutman.
cropped-bannerThe “Fitness Freak” will be contributing new tips and workouts each week for all you college students. Do not fear, he will not be too tough on you all!

Working out and eating right in college may be tough for some of you students to accomplish. We all say we want to go to the gym, and eat the healthiest of options our school provides, but it gets tough. With stress eating, and being too busy to go to the gym, you lose the motivation and start to get lazy. That is why I brought in the Fitness Freak.

Gutman describes himself to be “obsessed with fitness and body building,” and will be able to bring this blog some awesome, and simple health and fitness tips. From how to eat well in a dining hall, to a weekly “Workout of the Day”, be on the look out for some great advice.

Keep Calm and College On is so excited to have him on board, and hopefully all of you viewers feel the same way! Be on the look out in the near future for some posts by Andrew, the real Fitness Freak.

Eat healthy, work out, and don’t forget to Keep Calm and College On.

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